Thursday, March 20, 2008


A friend writes in demanding we devote some space here to the weird outbreak of teen angst afflicting Querétaro at the moment. Actually, what he said was, "The hell with drag queen FBI Agents," which reveals a certain lack of familiarity with this site's audience, but then he doesn't have access to the reader survey data. Anyway, we'll try to do both.

So...the emos. Forgive the sudden flare-up of old-fogeyism, but I'm still not 100% sure what makes a kid an emo. Basically, they're kinda weepy and mopey and wear their hair long in the front or something. You know, one of those groups where everyone expresses their individuality by acting and dressing exactly the same. There's a difference between emos and goths, I think but I couldn't tell you what it is. The way I tell them apart now is that the emos are the ones getting the shit kicked out of them on a regular basis in the center of Querétaro.

According to La Crónica de Hoy, several hundred Mexican heavy metal, "skate punk" and alternative rock fans joined forces last Friday (March 7) in the in the center of Querétaro, Mexico to confront a group of "emos" (followers of the "emo" subculture, which is short for "emotional") who regularly use the city center as a gathering place. Four people were injured and 28 persons were arrested (22 of them minors) when more than a thousand youths clashed in the area of Jardín Guerrero, Plaza de Armas (front of the Government Palace).

Authorities in Mexico are reportedly concerned that similar incidents could happen in other cities, especially Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey.

An Internet campaign is reportedly being waged to launch attacks against "emos" in other parts of the country, with various web postings portraying emos as "homosexuals" who give a "bad image" to tourists who visit their towns.

That'll give 'em something to cry about. Now I'm no stranger to a good adolescent beat-down, but I like to think I earned them on my own merit, as opposed to being a member of some annoying group. Still, I can't tell you how surreal is the sight of 500 kids rumbling like the Mods and the Rockers in the Plaza de Armas, nor is it clear who the well-organized attackers are, or why they're attacking. (When I say it's not clear, I mean it's not clear to me. There's a reason I haven't written anything about this. I didn't understand kids even when I was one.)

There's plenty of stuff about this on Youtube, (there have been anti-emo rumbles in Mexico City as well) but I like this one just because, about 3:30 into it, the camera focuses on our resident crazy homeless guy.

He's the one guy in town unaware that being filthy and without shelter often makes people melancholy.

And there's this one, which appears to be narrated by some sort of humanoid robot who speaks with a strong Castillian Spanish accent.

Almost as absurd as great roving herds of bullies beating up kids with funny haircuts, and the goofball counter-demonstrations they inspire, are the platoons of law enforcement officers being deployed to deal with this. Tomorrow, which is the holiest day of the year and thus the least-likely day for a teenage riot in Querétaro, precisely 689 police officers will be patrolling the town center to prevent any outbreaks of anti-emoismo.

I mean, who would harm a sensitive, long-haired guy on Good Friday?

Update: The MexFiles is, as always, more detailed, more erudite, and yet this time just as baffled as we are by all this.


Anonymous said...

You are late on news in Queretaro... The thing happend once, then other groups reuinite to march against the attacks it was the march for "respect" or "tolerance"

Today nothing happend not a single attack, I truly believe that the kid present on the 7th where there to "party" not to attack but also there to afraid of stoping it because they could be the next victim.

By the way the police caught the ones that started all, the "inteligent" guys used their personal mail and personal accounts in Youtube, so it was easy to track.

Anonymous said...

You should read about the mayor of Celaya, Gerardo Hernandez, he is taking the emos out of the city downtown because they are a "bad image" plus he added that "homosexuals are siners and that is why they got aids"

Guanajuato's state goverment is presenting charges against him for this "actions"

Burro Hall said...

I'm only late on news in Queretaro of you think anyone outside of Queretaro follows news of Queretaro...