Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hotel Hell

For the past several days, we have been ensconced in a hotel which is technically located on fashionable Wilshire Blvd, much in the way Broadway and, say, 26th St, is still technically Broadway. I could run down a tedious list of all this hotel's failings, from the lack of a working business center, to the bar as dead as Franco which still charges $6.75 for a beer, to the way the hotel maid takes the liberty of arbitrarily setting the clock-radio alarm for 6:00AM without telling you, but let's just say that your local tourism board should not rank this place very high on its list.

Also, it's in the heart of Koreatown, which is bound to make any Mexican feel a little on edge.

So of course the Mexico Tourism Board is holding a three-day meeting here, complete with mariachis playing "Cielito Lindo" all night. I picked up a pamphlet on Querétaro, which I'm seriously considering visiting someday.


Rita said...

Oh my, I am a long time reader and run (well not very fast) that hotel on weekday mornings in my lame attempt to exercise. Who knew that today the writer of one of my fav blogs was on my morning path. I'll wave tomorrow.

Seriously, at least you arent at one of the smaller hotels in that area that are even scarier!

Burro Hall said...

Wow, what a weird, small world. Perhaps we passed each other this morning (I, too, was plodding around the neighborhood at 730.) If you're here before we leave at 730AM tomorrow, drop by and say hi. (Don't worry, my wife never reads this blog.)

Is there any place open after 9PM besides Tofu House?

Rita said...

I pass by the hotel at about 5:23 am one way and about 5:36 am the other way. You will probably be asleep still!! Only us nuts jumping over the homeless people are out running.

LOL the Tofu house....yuk. Did you really go there? If you head down Wilshire to Miracle Mile, about 2-3 miles away, there are a couple of places, I like the taco place next to the night club. Sorry, I cant remember the name for the life of me, but the tacos are NOT authentic. There's a good sushi place at Wilshire/Highland.

Aw..your wife would have nothing to worry about anyways. Too bad the puppy is not with you, he just looks so cuddly.

Burro Hall said...

If I'm up at that hour - and that's a pretty big if, even when I'm on the west coast - that's coffee-and-newspaper time. Better just wave.

But yeah, I've eaten at Tofu House six times. It's actually pretty good, though I don't know too much about Korean food. Maybe it's packed with Koreans because it's the only thing open.