Saturday, March 08, 2008

Man Has Entered the Forest

I thought the biggest threat to the Monarch Butterfly population was our kitty, who enjoys nothing more than making a late afternoon snack of an unsuspecting "charismatic megafauna," but of course I was wrong.

Illegal loggers have chopped their way deep into unique forest reserves in a mountain range in central Mexico where millions of monarch butterflies from eastern North America roost for the winter, according to researchers who posted satellite photographs of the area on a NASA Web site Wednesday evening.

Forests of oyamel fir trees in Michoacán and Mexico States have for thousands of years been a winter haven for the resplendent orange and black butterflies, the most famous “charismatic megafauna” of the insect world...

"There are a number of sawmills around the area that are busy eating away at the forest," Dr. Slayback said. "These are organized groups that go in armed sometimes. This is wholesale clear-cutting."

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Anonymous said...

That's really sad. Will we ever learn? We are destroying the whole planet. Pretty soon this is going to be a very ugly world.