Monday, March 31, 2008

Misc. Musical Notes

1) Because all kids are basically impressionable sheep who will do whatever is in vogue at the moment, the emophobic wave crashing over Mexico appears to be spreading to Chile.

2) In the "People I Did Not Realize Were of Mexican Descent" category, we can add all the members of ? and the Mysterians (they of one-hit wonder "96 Tears" fame). Presumably, they used to be called ¿ and the Mysterians before whitey gave them a contract.

3) I hate to keep dwelling on the passage of time here, but things like this just make me go all arthritic (again):

He described the reaction [the new R.E.M. album] received as “polarizing” for his modern rock audience. “We were hoping it would bridge the gap to our younger, alternative listeners, but to a lot of them R.E.M. is their dad’s band.”

Seriously? R.E.M. is a "dad band" now? Weeping Jesus.

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