Monday, March 10, 2008

Old Man Take a Look at My Life I'm a Lot Like You

Well the last of the coke-filled condoms has finally passed through, and payday is just around the corner! Unfortunately, I have to continue on at my "cover" job as a tv producer so that the whole thing looks legit. It seems like I read every few weeks about another person being fired for blogging about their workplace, and I don't plan to join them, so watch this space for another seven weeks of meaningless filler. But if I had to say one thing about this cable tv show I'm working for: boy, is this different kind of workplace for me. After several years of surrounding myself with co-workers 30, 40, even 50 years older than me, I'm suddenly in an office of 60 people where I, as far as I've been able to tell, am the oldest person - and I'm including my three immediate superiors, the head business guy, and the owner of the company in that tally.

The other day I was talking to a much younger associate about a Russian guy we were planning to interview, and I made what I thought was a witty reference to the US-USSR Olympic hockey game of 1980 - a reference greeted with a silence so total I could actually hear her blinking.

"Oh, c'mon! The Miracle on Ice? Jim Craig draped in the American flag? Made it into a movie starring Karl Malden?"



"Um...I guess that was before my time." *Blink*

"Oh, wow," I said, trying to laugh it off. "I feel like 'The 2000-Year-Old Man'!"


Update: On the other hand, I was just on the local Korean deli stocking up on non-watery beer, and the woman behind the counter asked me, “How you?”

“Fine thanks,” I said. “You?”

“How-a you!” she said again, sternly.

“Great. Um, why do you ask?”

“How OLD you!”

“Forty.” I said. “…and a half.”

She held out her hand and took my $12.75. I mean, can teenagers even afford to buy beer in this town?


Anonymous said...

Hey, be sure to tell them about the thrill of putting a quarter in a pay phone to talk to another person. For three whole minutes!!


Hollito said...

Ummmh - that reminds me of what happened in Roswell a while ago, when me and my wife (me 40 1/2 too, my wife a few years over 30) were in a shop and I bought a sixpack of beer. The girl behind the counter insisted on having a look on my driving license (?).
I never thought I look soooo young. ;-)