Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Technology Surpassing Man's Ability to Put It to Good Use

Excuse me if I'm behind the curve on this, but planes now have live in-flight video! Which is how I, a spectacularly phobic flyer, managed to learn, while flying at 36,000 feet, that Southwest was grounding a good portion of their fleet because the planes hadn't exactly been - how you say - inspected. The fault seemed to lie as much with the airline as with the FAA, so the problem could be pervasive throughout the industry.

After a few frantic minutes of pushing the stewardess call button, I learned that the cost of in-flight alcoholic beverages has gone up as well.

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Anonymous said...

We're flying next week but we should be fine. We're flying Jet Blue and I'm sure they throughly check each and every one of their low fare planes!
Not to worry!