Friday, March 07, 2008

Weekend Uplift

This guy is totally screwing up my goal of being the most inspiring member of the Boston College Class of 1989.

Of course, he also prevents me from being the most suicidally crazy member of the Boston College Class of 1989, so it's sort of a wash.


Dan said...

Look, I am much more inspired by your ability to live work free in the tropics for months at a time, only rising from bed to saunter down to the local bar, walk your dog or yell at the maid. Now that's living. Who the hell wants to spend all of his free time climbing mountains? Seriously. That sounds hard . . . and very cold. Nope. You're still on top, bro.

Burro Hall said...

Thanks, dude, that's sweet of you to say. I still wish Chris O'Donnell were my brother, but you're still one of the coolest members of the Class of '92.