Monday, March 17, 2008

Zivili, amigo! Beannachtam na Femle Padraig.

We were celebrating St. Pat's this evening with with our token Serbian friend, which isn't as inappropriate as it sounds. First of all, our birthdays are on June 28, which is not only St Vitus' Day, but also the day Serbia won her greatest military victory ever when, in 1389, they were crushed like grapes by the Ottomans at the Field of Blackbirds. Second of all, our Serbian friend is quite fond of alcohol. So it's really a perfect pairing. "The Serbs and the Irish," he said tonight by way of a toast, "have an awful lot in common."

For instance, like the Irish mentioned below, the Serbs have a weird kinship with Mexico. We thought of this a few weeks ago during a mini-controversy back home that didn't seem worth writing about at the time, over the Mexican Congress's refusal to grant Octavio Paz, the country's only Nobel-winning author, the honor of having his name engraved in gold letters on the nation's "Wall of Honor." The reason was because the Wall of Honor, dedicated to the creators of the Mexican state, is apparently reserved only for warriors and politicians, not artists and poets. Or, to put it more plainly,

The reason, argued unanimously by the members of this commission, was that Octavio Paz did not collaborate in the construction of the Mexican State.

If there's another thing the Irish and the Serbs have in common, it's that they both would stare, slack-jawed and uncomprehending, at any congressional commission that decided such a thing. Then they'd beat the members to death with whatever farm implements they had handy. And then cry. Joyfully.

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