Friday, April 04, 2008

Adventures in Advertising

The "Americans for an American America" crowd finally saw that Absolut ad and, after picking themselves up off the fainting couch, they're hittin' the warpath. Lou Dobbs will be on this one any minute now - possibly with a two-hour special. Laura Martinez, who started it all and who usually gets 2-3 comments on her blog, has as of this writing 115 comments, most of which would embarrass Tom Metzger.

Blog comments aren't exactly a scientific surveying tool, but I don't think I appreciated quite how many people out there genuinely believe that Mexico has a plan to re-conquer the southwestern United States - a plan so hair-trigger sensitive that it could be jump-started by a vodka ad. There's also an easy willingness to toss around words like "treason," without explaining why they think a French-owned, Sweden-based company advertising in Mexico would be guilty of this in the United States.

Also, an awful lot of people think there are two Ds in "ad."

Best of all, huge swaths of the southwest are now littered with half-full bottles of Absolut, as these folks unlock their liquor cabinets and proudly - defiantly - toss out the bottles of Absolut they've already paid for.

Memo to Steve Jobs: How 'bout running some reconquista-themed ads for the new iPod?

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D.S. Monoclonius said...

leaving xenophobic nutjobs in those comments aside, surely the best comment was the guy using the space to tout the virtues of Estonian vodka.