Monday, April 07, 2008

Employee of the Month

We had a nice chat earlier with Lee Bollinger, the president of Columbia University - we couldn't take the suspense any longer, so decided to just call and ask if we'd won the Pulitzer. After stalling a bit with some meaningless small talk about how we got this number and did we know what time it was, he finally told us that no, City Adrift was not the winner, though the way he said it made me think that it probably was the winner until we called him at home. [Update: Here's the actual winner. *Cough* Zionistcontrolledmedia! *Cough*...]

Burro Hall isn't going away completely empty handed, though. Proving once and for all that gin really is harmless, our Port Washington Bureau Chief / Weekend-Overnight Sports Editor, Walt Bogdanich (who moonlights over at the New York Times) has won this year's Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting, for his series of articles on how virtually everything you put into your body - except gin, vermouth and olives - contains toxic, counterfeit Chinese chemical ingredients. (See this and this, for starters).

To give you a sense of what an A-List operation we're running here, this is a picture of Walt posing next to his previous, 2005 Pulitzer portrait. His 1988 Pulitzer portrait - which, heedless of the danger, he rescued from the offices of the Wall Street Journal, on September 11, 2001 - is being painstakingly restored by a family of Florentine artesans, and should be back on display in early 2010. In case you've lost count, that's three Pulitzer Prizes, which our research staff is reasonably sure is unprecedented. (For reporting, we mean - get outta here, Edward Albee!) But if anyone reading this is in fact a triple-winner and feels you've been slighted here, before you go leaving a nasty remark in comments let us ask you: has your spouse also won one? No? Really? Well, then, maybe you could let us all know how that pavement tastes?

So if you're in the Times Square area today, buy this man a gin and vermouth-based beverage. (He'll be easy to find.) Better yet, buy me two and I'll make sure that he gets one.

Zivili!, amigo, from the entire Burro Hall family. Now get back to work.

Update: Walt shares the prize with Jake Hooker, who has without a doubt the best bio of any - any - winner in Pulitzer history.


Krellinator said...

And what about Bob Dylan??

Burro Hall said...

No contest.