Friday, April 11, 2008

Immigration: Bad for the Jews?

With "For English, Press 1" failing to gain much traction as an election-year issue, the Washington Monthly links us to the latest attempt at reframing the issue:

[A recent] survey found that 82 percent of American Christians felt they had a "moral and biblical" obligation to support Israel, including 89 percent of evangelicals, but also 76 percent of Catholics. It's this last statistic that's striking evidence of Americanization — I haven't seen comparable polls elsewhere, but it seems exceedingly unlikely that even a majority of Catholics anywhere else would agree.

....The policy point is this — does anyone think three-quarters of the grandchildren of today's Hispanic Catholic immigrants will be similarly pro-Israel?

Now that's some forward-looking analysis. I tell ya, if the Mexicans weren't so resolutely pro-life, they really would be a right-winger's Perfect Storm.

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D.S. Monoclonius said...

Sometime I will draw up a prospectus for my plan ("Mex for Israel") to funnel illegal imigrants to Israel, solving the problems of having to rely on Palestinian laborers in Israel and illegals in the U.S. in one graceful policy. Plus, the Mexican workers can walk in the Holy Land on their days off (saturdays).