Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sunday Best

Brian Williams, the $10 million-a-year haircut who reads the news on NBC, has his very own blog on the MSNBC site. (We're guessing he write it himself, unlike Katie Couric.) In today's entry, Williams muses disapprovingly on the fact that, over a couple of Sundays in April, the New York Times ran a few silly articles in the sections of the paper devoted to silly articles!

Consider this: the Sunday Styles section lead story on April 13th was "Scavengers on the Urban Savannah" (people buy things at flea markets!), and promoted on Page One was "A Sex Chair Becomes A Battlefield." Alrighty then.

This Sunday's lead story was "Through Sickness, Health, Sex Change..." in a section that included the essay, "Was I On A Date Or Baby-Sitting?," and "Let's Say You Want To Date A Hog Farmer" (and who among us hasn't?)...

The lead story in the Travel Section? The rise of vacation resorts catering to nudists. It did occur to me that I haven't been getting out a lot on weekends. Is it just me?

Then he goes on to praise Republican nutball Peggy Noonan, who "is doing the work of her career and must be considered an early favorite for next cycle's Pulitzer for commentary." So, yeah, he's probably not getting out a lot on weekends.

Since Williams seems to be the kind of guy who starts his Sunday with the Styles and Travel sections, he probably missed April 20th's 7,800-word investigation into the pervasive, Pentagon-coordinated sock-puppetry of the military analysts used by TV shows such as, well, NBC News.

Meanwhile, you can get the latest on Ryan Seacrest's career twists over at msnbc.com.

Update: Burro Hall gets results.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Liberal Media Defender,

I think the New York Times is old enough now to let its journalism speak for itself. You don't need to come rushing to its defense, like you're on the payroll. Unless, of course, you're on the payroll.