Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The System

How it works:

PUERTO VALLARTA — A Mexican judge, his secretary and two jail employees were under investigation Monday after a man accused of killing a vacationing Colorado university student escaped from jail.

Local prosecutor Guillermo Martin Diaz said the four may have played a role in helping Alfonso Ramirez walk out of a Puerto Vallarta jail early Friday.

Ramirez is accused of killing 21-year-old David Parrish of Boulder, Colorado, during a robbery on Wednesday.

Diaz told a news conference Monday that officials want to know why the judge and his secretary issued a release order and the two jail employees let Ramirez go, all before dawn Friday.

The bull, it goes without saying, is still behind bars.

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Anonymous said...

Cotton Pickin'!!!!

Just one more example of illegal Mexicans murdering innocent, god-fearing Americans!

Puerto Vallarta is in the USA, right?


Arizona, maybe?

Do you like corn dogs? I love corn dogs.