Sunday, April 20, 2008

That's My Hitler! Part II

No, not the pope, but Mexican opposition leader Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, whose party has for the past several days managed to shut down the Mexican Congress while opposing the presidents proposal to sell off parts of the state oil company. Mexico does not (I believe) have the filibuster, so the minority party has to resort to stuff like this:

the scene in the chambers looks like a slumber party. Protesting senators and deputies play cards and chess, tell yarns and sing songs until all hours of the night, before retiring in sleeping bags on the chamber floor.

They take turns keeping vigil, sometimes leaving a single lawmaker to guard the fort. In the House of Deputies, as rumors circulated this week of an attempt to force them to leave, the leftists went so far as to chain the doors shut with padlocks.

These are not long-haired student protesters, remember, but the elected representatives of the people. Real-life consequences of all this aside, how fuckin' cool is this country?

Predictably, some people are pissed, including an outfit with the self-explanatory name "Better Society, Better Government," which obviously understands how important civilized, rational discourse is to a better society, and so has begun running television ads comparing Lopez Obrador to Hitler. Stay classy, BSBG!

Now, we can argue over who is and who isn't a genocidal maniac until we're all blue in the face, but the point we wanted to make is that it didn't take very long for Mexico's special interests to figure out a way around the new law governing political advertisements - the one that "forbids political parties from insulting political institutions and candidates." Under the new law, the president's party could never run an ad like this - but for the presidents friends...the law is Hitleriffic!

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