Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I just came across this self-published right-wing screed titled Annexing Mexico (which you can peruse for free on Amazon. Either the book is really little, or it's written in 26-point type.) As you can see, the cover art shows all of Mexico as United States territory! Omigod! On behalf of everyone living in Mexico, all I can say is...

It’s a declaration of war!!!…. Come and get it, motherfuckers…This is “absolute”ly disgusting….No, we won’t ever be visiting that poverty stricken backwards country…. you are parasites sucking at Aunt Sam’s tit. Keep pressing ‘2′ while celebrating your corrupt culture in the privacy of your homes, thanks….STOP THE INVASION!!…Please join the fight for OUR COUNTRY!!…Corrupt politicians steal your wealth, your lands, your oil and you have no choice but to leave for better opportunities….Over my dead body. Come take it bastards. Someone needs to be arrested for TREASON. This is a call to make war…The FBI knows who you are….You think you’ll take over by over populating. 20 million or 200 million, it makes no difference when you’re largely uneducated, welfare monkeys. …They are advocating for the overthrow of a sovereign country and as an American I will not stand for that…. Patriotism is measured nowadays. You just flunked … Please stay in your shit hole if you’re so proud of it… criminals that sneek over the border with the approval of Congress and Bush and should be shot on site….That map you show there covers land that “I” own. You better bring a bunch of friends and pack a lunch, it’s going to be a long day for you. Don’t forget a shovel so you can bury your dead , afterwards you can pour some concrete for us. Dickheads…. Deport the invading hoards… As a culture, they really haven’t contributed anything above Taco Bell. Seriously, outside of labor, what good is that hell hole?... we welcome you invaders to just TRY and take any of this country back and you will find out why this country is so much batter than your shithole of a country… This ad is nothing more than a call for war, to change territorial and cultural lines that have been fixed in place for 160 years…Your dirty low class scumbags turn neighborhoods into ghettos. Have you ever heard of actually taking care of your automobiles?… Thats it. Machine guns on the border. The South Koreans have automated machine guns manning parts of the DMZ. Lets get some of that going here….

(All text lifted from Laura Martinez's comments.)

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Good post... I'm a little dizzy after reading it.