Thursday, April 17, 2008


Back in December there was a big controversy in Mexico City when bullfighting officials punished Plaza Mexico for putting on a bullfight without a majority (i.e.,two) of the bullfighters being Mexican. It's one of those silly bits of utterly unnecessary, nationalism-driven protectionism for which Mexico is so justifiably ridiculed. I mean, what could be dumber?

Oh, wait, how 'bout this: the rule applies to the bulls as well.

Plaza de Toros Mexico was raided yesterday morning by twenty bank and industrial police officers yesterday and the joint was temporarily closed. The reason?… illegal alien bulls.

...Article 47 of the “Reglamento para la Celebración de Espectáculos Públicos del Distrito Federal” states that at least half the bulls in any bullfight have to be Mexican bred.

Oh, Mexico, when will you learn? In the US, not only do we get more than half our Major League Baseball players from Latin America, we let Costa Rican sweatshop workers stitch the balls for us. Two Red Sox World Series victories on four years would seem to indicate that the game has never been healthier.

Besides, there's always cloning.


Anonymous said...

Wait til they find out there's only 1 mexican living in your house.

Manolete-je said...

Well, I agree with you! How ridiculous not allow the Fiesta to have the freedom to see top talent perform regardless of where they are from, especially when foreign matadors at the moment are performing better than Mexican matadors. I am mexicano, myself, but love the Fiesta more.
I didn't know that the bulls also had to be bred in Mexico! Amazing!
(Buy the way, did the niños novillada take place?)