Thursday, May 29, 2008

All He Is Saying...

Today's "Colorful Though Possibly Dangerous Screwball" comes to us from, whose proprietor, Steve Lightfoot, would like you to know that the murder of John Lennon was not carried out by Mark David Chapman, but by best-selling author Stephen King. He proves this by comparing the famous "autograph" photo to a shot of Chapman (who appears to be a perfect match), and one of King (who does not.) Also, if you cut a lot of random words out of different newspapers and magazines and circle them with magic markers, they form a secret code that nails Stephen King dead to rights as the trigger man.

Unlike most internet cranks though, this guy has been parked in front of the Dakota all week, right next to where I'm staying.

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Anonymous said...

Since I have read every Stephen King book, I can speak with a certain amount of authority. There is NO doubt in my mind that Mr. King perpetrated this crime! How else can you explain where he gets his material for his books? He commits the crimes and then writes about them! It's so simple!!

(You may think of changing your location.)