Monday, May 12, 2008

The Ballad of José González González

On Saturday afternoon, in the Corregidora neighborhood of Querétaro, José González González [left] walked down Halcones Street with a .45 in his belt and a .357 Magnum in his hand.

Oye, José , said the neighbors. Where you goin' with that gun in your hand?

I'm goin' down to shoot my ol' lady, he said. You know I caught her messin' 'round with another man. Huh! And that ain't too cool.

Hours later, police found the body of Rosa María García Martínez, wife of José González González, dead of multiple gunshot wounds in the doorway of their house. The body of her lover, Osvaldo Pantaleón Mancilla Rubio, lay on the ground outside, also dead of multiple gunshot wounds. Rosa María García Martínez was 16 weeks pregnant, though it is not immediately known who the father was.

José González González, a man of his word, shot his woman down, he shot her down to the ground. Yeah!

Yes, I did, I shot her, he thought to himself. You know I caught her messin' 'round, messin' 'round town. José González González dropped the gun and fled. Yes I did, I shot her. You know I caught my old lady messin' 'round town. And I gave her the gun -- I shot her!

[Accordion solo]

Oye, José, yelled the neighbors, Where you goin' to run to now? Where you, where you gonna go?

Well, dig! he yelled with a grin. I'm goin' way down south, way down where I can be free! Ain't no one gonna find me babe! I'm goin' way down south... His smile began to fade. ...way down south to Mexico way... Tragically, José González González realized that he was already in Mexico, and was wanted by the Federales for killing two unarmed people, one of them the mother of his two children.

But like many of his countrymen, José González González was an optimist, and he when he remembered that Mexico had long ago abolished capital punishment, he smiled once again. Ain't no hangman gonna, he ain't gonna put a rope around me! You better believe it right now!


Anonymous said...

Corregidora the municipality, not the neighborhood, you know that everything in Queretaro is Corregidora, the stadium the auditorium, the street, the plaza, the neighborhood, the goverment palace.

Is like and obsession, or maybe the need of a new hero for the city.

Richard said...

José is SOL now... Congress just removed adultery from the criminal code, which eliminates what had been an affirmative defense in wife-killing cases.

BTW, good news for us periodistas... Coahuila (which seems to be a hotbed of common sense these days) just added "perioricidio" to the criminal code... 60 years for offing a reporter, but only 40 for "normal" murder.

Burro Hall said...

One step backward, one step forward.

Incidentally, this is the first time I've seen a police sketch when the suspect is a known individual. Given that the crim took place at his house, I mean, the cops couldn't get ahold of a photograph?

Anonymous said...

Interesting to note that there's a big fine and penalty for a spouse, either one, who "abandons the marital home".

If Gonzales had just remained calm he could have had his lawyer arrange the double murder and kept his hands clean.

Burro Hall said...

Resulting in the most boring corrido ever...