Thursday, May 08, 2008

Don't Make From This Love Like Somone That Kill You

We don't know what you were doing 12 years ago today, but we spent the day in Coacayul, on the outskirts of Zihuatanejo, driving around, getting lost, filling out forms, dealing with bureaucrats and - we're pretty sure - getting married. We arranged it all through our swanky hotel, though the actual wedding in no way resembles the photo on their website. But for a fee of about $600, we got a photographer/videographer, four witnesses, one small cake, a bouquet of flowers and, most importantly, a local wedding planner to do an end-run around the complicated paperwork requirements.

The only weddings officially recognized in Mexico are the "City Hall" kind (church weddings are a common, but unofficial indulgence. But just because you're married in some sterile office in front a judge (or, in our case, the deputy assistant trainee judge, since all the real judges were out of town at a conference) doesn't mean the ceremony is no-frills. There appears to be a state-mandated sermon, which the judge read from a mimeographed sheet, and which our wedding planner, Julia, then took a stab at translating.

"Okay, what I want to wish to this new marriage, couple, you have to fight all together to get…it, it go like, like a…the best. Ummm, you have to be one, each other, forever. Love each other, but don’t make from this love like someone that kill you. You have to be together, maybe forever, but you have to live in a space close to the sky and drink, but no drink everything. You have to share the bread and everything. You have to sing, you have to dance, all together, but not too much."

"What's your secret," you ask? There it is, my friends. Words to live by. But not too much.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Frank and Laura!

M & D

Krellinator & Family said...


Dan said...

May you be together, maybe forever, and drink nearly everything in your space in the sky.

Burro Hall said...

Aw, thanks Bro. If I'd been aware of your toastmaster skills, I wouldn't have had that hotel chambermaid as my best man.