Monday, May 05, 2008

Driving in Circles

Speedbump Day is also the birthday of Burro Hall corporate counsel, Steve, who you may remember as the motorsports enthusiast who tried to browbeat me into driving the Carrera Panamericana with him. So, in lieu of an actual gift, we'll just link to this video of the Autodromo de Querétaro portion of the race, posted by our roving Motorsport Correspondent, Gary Faules. (In racing circles, telling a driver that "my grandmother used to have a car like that" is probably a great insult, but mine actually did, which says more about Nana than about Gary.)

Happy Birthday, Steve!


Anonymous said...

Nana was always ahead of the curve!!

Happy Birthday Steve!


O$ said...

Dude, just catching up and saw this. Thanks for the thought. And a very happy Anniversary to you both too.

I watched the race video. There's not a car I saw there that you and I couldn't crush heads up. To paraphrase the late Dr. Gonzo: We start the race like complete maniacs. Go out hard and fast, catheterized by our accompanying medical staff, or by each other, so we don't so much have to even slow down for bathroom breaks. "Depends", worn long haul trucker style take care of everything else. We put such a lead on the rest of the field in the first 48 hours they all quit out of fear and shame. We collect our payday and move on. "Two Lane Blacktop" style. I've got my crew back together putting a two hundred-fiddy shot system of The Squeeze on the Camaro's mill. You know, the Giggle Gas, The Juice. Any feral animals we hit while the Big Red Button is depressed will be vaporized on contact. Not even a scatch'll be left.

Lets do this thing. I have '09's paperwork on the way to you by courier now.