Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fountains of Pain

Querétaro's got more fountains than a semi-arid city facing chronic water shortages really ought to have, but it's kind of charming so we don't complain. For the past several weeks, two of the fountains, at Plaza Mariano de las Casas [far right] and Plaza Constitucion [the other one,] have been boarded up and under construction. We figured they were pulling hairballs out of the pipes or something.

Ah, but no. According to the Municipal Planning Institute, these two plazas are soon to be home to Querétaro's new fuentes danzarinas - dancing fountains! These will be "programmed to 'dance' to 15 classic melodies in 40 minute intervals." Just what, exactly, the phrase "classic melodies" means in the Mexican context is not explained. Later in the article, it mentions that the program will last about 40 minutes, which would seem to mean - again, this isn't clear - that every 40 minutes it will begin a 40-minute program, or in other words, the same 15 classic melodies will play nonstop on an endless loop until global warming raises the level of the oceans 5,950 feet and drowns the city. The only things that are clear are that Querétaro couldn't think of a better way to spend $1.1 million dollars, and that this cacophony will begin some time in late July, which is starting to look like an excellent time to kill ourselves.

Here's what it won't be like:

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