Friday, May 16, 2008

Hall Ass

With revenues from this site stagnating at $0.00 a year, we've taken a page from the great entrepreneurs - Diddy, Russell Simmons, Kate Jackson - have spent the past 8 months collaborating with some young Mexican designers and are proud to introduce our new clothing line: Burro Jeans. You see, some designers are content just to put their name on your behind. That's not the way we roll here at Burro Hall. Instead, we put my ass in your jeans. Designed with the use of a patented laser imaging device and a proprietary system of superelastic polymers, Burro Jeans lift, separate and mold the buttocks to create an exact replica of your humble correspondent's trasero. If you want to live the dream of being marginally employed and sitting your - excuse me, my - ass in a Mexican cantina all day, you need Burro Jeans. One size fits all.


Anonymous said...

I want a pair!


Anonymous said...

There a lot of different ways you could have gone with that post, but you chose to on at length about your own ass.

I'm not really sure what to think about that.

Burro Hall said...

It's a metaphor.

Dan said...

While the idea of having their buttocks lifted and separated may be appealing to some, for me it brings back some pretty dark and blurry memories from my college drinking days. I'll be passing on the jeans, thanks.