Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I'm heading back to El Norte tomorrow for a couple of weeks, finish up selling out to The Man. But at least I'm not the only handsome young man from Querétaro heading overseas to earn a living. Octavio "El Payo" García is over in Madrid this week plying his trade at the Feria de San Isidro. This is one of the premier bullfighting events in the world, and the locals here are following his progress the way Marshalltown, Iowa, cheered on Jean Seberg 50 years ago.

I'm pretty sure El Payo's getting paid more than me, but as you can see, he's working a lot harder for it.

Video here. Coronada is at 3:18.


Anonymous said...

He seems to be real good with bulls that have lost so much blood they can hardly stand up, but give him a bull with more energy and he's not so great!


Burro Hall said...

Yeah, why can't he fight them fairly, the way the beef industry does?