Monday, May 26, 2008

While America Slept

From my two hometown papers.

New York Times, today:

Juliette N. Kayyem, the Massachusetts homeland security adviser, was in her office in early February when an aide brought her startling news. To qualify for its full allotment of federal money, Massachusetts had to come up with a plan to protect the state from an almost unheard-of threat: improvised explosive devices, known as I.E.D.’s.

"I.E.D.’s? As in Iraq I.E.D.’s?” Ms. Kayyem said in an interview, recalling her response. No one had ever suggested homemade roadside bombs might begin exploding on the highways of Massachusetts. “There was no new intelligence about this,” she said. “It just came out of nowhere.”

Swampscott Reporter, May 1:

Swampscott - A 13-year-old boy from Swampscott was rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital shortly after 5 p.m. Thursday after his attempt to build an improvised explosive device went wrong, according to Swampscott Police Detective Sgt. Tim Cassidy.

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Anonymous said...

Swampscott has always been on the cutting edge. That's why it's so exciting to live here!