Monday, June 23, 2008

The Eastern Front

Just a few housekeeping notes. Due to bureaucratic ineptitude, we've had to close our Japanese Bureau. Bureau Chief Patrick Sharbaugh has been relocated to Hanoi where he'll be filing lengthy, photo-filled dispatches from the Miss Universe pageant (we're trying to embed him, so to speak, with Miss Mexico [left - seriously, that's her outfit], but are running into stiff opposition from her entourage.)

A potentially more devastating blow to both America's image abroad and the already fragile Mexican-Korean Special Relationship came this weekend with the shuttering of our Seoul Bureau. In case you haven't been keeping up, you've missed dispatches like this one:

A guy I know here teaching English had his students pick English names. The best names chosen were:
Thank You
Al Pacino

We're hoping Clitty will do some guest blogging for us on an occasional basis.

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