Thursday, June 26, 2008

Feeding the Beast

Greetings from San Cristobal de las Casa, Chiapas, the future headquarters of Burro Hall unless Querétaro steps up her game on the bar and restaurant front over the next, shall we say, six months.

Most of our activities fall within the usual, drinking, eating, sleeping, wandering around, and sitting in a cafe reading a newspaper categories, which are great for us, but breathakingly boring to anyone forced to read about them at length. So in the interest of filling space I'll talk about the last time I passed through Tuxtla Guitierrez Int'l Airport here, and stepped off the plane to find a hoard of photographers and autograph seekers waiting in the terminal. As world-famous television anchorman Dan Rather and I strode by unnoticed, the crowd closed surged towards Maribel Guardia [above], seen here with her tray returned to the locked and upright position. Guardia, whom I had never heard of, is a former Miss Costa Rica who moved to Mexico and became a sort of a Pam Anderson-type celebrity, starring in telenovelas, pinup calendars and scandalous relationships. She's currently the host of Muévete, a bawdy music-comedy-variety show for which she models various stripper pole-ready costumes and - this being Mexico - is of course seen at the kid-friendly hour of 8:00AM Saturday morning.

End of digression. One major thing San Cris has over Querétaro is an abundance of foreign tourists, which I never used to consider a plus until a realized that they inspire in the Mexicans a desire to cater to them by opening restaurants serving something other than Mexican food. Last night, Thai, tonight Lebanese. We may have to extend this thing for a couple of days.

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