Sunday, June 29, 2008

He Had Me At "Bon Jour"

We had probably one the best meals we've ever had in Mexico at a small, unpretentious French place (that's not always an oxymoron) called Pierre, which is owned and staffed by a French guy named (guesses anyone?) Pierre Niviere. We were the only people there after a while (San Cristobal being mostly comprised of hippie douchebag backpackers and Italian package tourists, none of whom are looking for a good French meal), so Pierre had plenty of time to tell us his life story. Very, very long story short, Pierre is an engineer who worked for oil companies all over the world, including the Gulf of Mexico, until he decided many years ago, in the throes of a midlife crisis, that what he really wanted to do was run a small, unpretentious French restaurant. He chose San Cristobal for the climate, which struck us an kind of funny since we were in the middle of a downpour that dropped about eight inches of rain in one day. But according to Pierre, whom we judge to be an absolute authority on this, from January to March San Cristobal has the best climate in the world for curing pata negra, a type of jamon serrano made from wild boar, which Pierre makes by hand - including (we believe - he was a little hard to follow with the French accent and all) trapping and killing the wild boars himself. The stuff fetches $750 a pound in Spain, $35 here, and the oversized appetizer plate of pata negra and handmade pate at Pierre is a mere $9.

The entrecôte can only be described in pornographic terms. This is a family blog, so email me if you want details.

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krellinator said...

Feel free to somehow get some of that ham to me. I can wire money.