Wednesday, June 11, 2008

If The Flatbed Tow Truck Is Rockin', Don't Come Knockin'

Stacey in our legal dept. directs our attention to the latest bit of too-much-information from Manuel Uribe, once the World's Heaviest Human, but now just another really, really fat guy. Make that a really, really fat guy who's gettin' some.

MONTERREY, Mexico (AP) — Manuel Uribe, who once weighed a half ton but has slimmed down to about 700 pounds, celebrates his 43rd birthday on Wednesday with a simple wish for the coming year: to be able to stand on his own two feet to get married....

But Uribe is still unable to walk his fiancee, Claudia Solis, down the aisle.

"It frustrates me a little, because it is not easy to get out," said Uribe, who has not been able to leave bed for the last six years.

His most recent attempt to escape the house — to attend Solis' 38th birthday party in March — fell through when a flatbed tow truck brought to transport his reinforced bed got caught beneath an underpass.

..."We are a couple," Uribe said. "We have sex [um, see photo above?], and in the eyes of God we are already married."

God has apparently just clawed his eyes out with a meat fork.

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