Thursday, June 19, 2008

Local News

There's about half a dozen local newspapers to choose from here, and our usual daily choice is a.m., not because it's any better than the rest (it's not), but because the others seem to be printed on recycled toilet paper using a special super-smudgy ink.

The main frustration with a.m. is that the website doesn't actually carry the flagship Querétaro paper, but rather a bunch of smaller editions published in neighboring towns. It'd be like only linking to the Westchester edition. But today we came across a small ad that mentions that the real a.m. can be found at - which makes perfect sense as long as you happen to be a complete fucking idiot. God only knows how long this site has been operational.

Anyway, since we're all about the Truth here, we'll now have more links to show we're not completely making all this crap up.

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Anonymous said...

The links are usually in Spanish, so, as far as most of us know, you could STILL be making all this crap up.