Friday, June 20, 2008

Miley Cyrus Sex Tape !!L(*)(*)K!!!

Welcome pedophiles! We've noticed a bit of a spike in the internet traffic lately. Turns out a lot of people have been arriving here after Googling the word "assfuckers." I'm not really sure what to say about that, except that we hope a some of you have stuck around a learned a bit about Querétaro. We promise to keep you up-to-date with any local anal sex news as it develops, so check back frequently.

And now, a blatantly transparent effort to drive up traffic by throwing Carmen Electra's name into the mix! I was going through some mail this week that included the latest solicitation from the Boston College Alumni Association. Click the image at right to see how all my BC mail has come addressed for about the past ten years. Alumni surveys rock.


Anonymous said...

Wait... does that mean you don't have pics of people doing up the "Burro Hall"?

radosh said...

I'm confused. Where's the tape?

Richard said...

If you really want to drive up the hits, mention Donkey Shows and gerbils... top of the chart for all time "Mex Files classics" (though "Nude Gay Mexican" is #9 with a bullet).

Burro Hall said...

I think anonymous is on to something. If we can actually make "burro hall" an accepted term of obscenity (e.g. "santorum"), we'll have more traffic than all the donkey-gerbil sex sites combined.

Go to it, people.

Anonymous said...

And all this time I thought it was the lovely Laura you were bringing to my house. I didn't realize Carmen amd Laura looked so much alike!
Explains the mail!!