Monday, June 16, 2008

Rather Than Talk About the Celtics

It seems like every six months or so we post a story about José Tomás getting gored in the thigh, or worse. So hopefully this will get us all the way through the summer:

Matador Jose Tomas had a lucky escape yesterday when he was gored not once, but TWICE during a bullfight in Madrid.

The 32-year-old, who is widely considered one of the best bullfighters of all time, was competing at the Las Ventas bullring in the Spanish capital when he sustained his injuries.

Tomas, who received medical treatment at the scene, sustained one groin injury that looked exceptionally painful.

We'll go out on a limb here and guess that it actually was exceptionally painful. Oh, also:
Just two weeks ago, Tomas survived another goring during a bullfight at the 'El Coso de los Califas' ring in Cordoba.

This guy's legs have got to look like a road map of Andalusia.


Burro Hall said...

Hi, Mom!

s said...

If this guy is considered one of the best of all time and he's become a human pin cushion, I hate to imagine the kind of shape the lousy bull fighters are in......

Anonymous said...

Hi Frank! How did you guess I would be reading that with a big smile on my face??
It seems to me,if he is so great, he should know that those pointy things on the bull's head should be kept at least an inch away!
Practice, practice, practice!!!


Burro Hall said...

That's the thing, though - anyone can get gored once. Coming back for a ninth or tenth helping is where the men and the boys part ways.

Anonymous said...

Or the smart and the idiots part ways.


Richard said...

Ah, "anonymous" misses the whole -- ahem -- point.