Saturday, June 07, 2008

Tarmack Memories

If you've always dreamed of flying a Continental Express ERJ-145XR into Querétaro "International" Airport but then, on second thought, really couldn't be bothered, well, thanks to the miracles of the internets you can experience it from the comfort of your American-made armchair, because some weirdo, for reasons we can only speculate (*cough*terrorist training run*cough*) went through the trouble of filming his plane's landing and uploading it to YouTube.

And then someone else took the video, ran it through some probably-classified flight simulation program and created a video showing how this landing looked from the outside of the plane.

Say what you will about our dick-shit little aeropuertito, but it moves people in strange ways.


Dan said...

Not that I'm chicken-shit or anything -- these colors do NOT run -- but I'm really having second thoughts about the advisability of our trip down there. How long would you say it would take to walk from Ipswich? Better yet, can you just videotape the points of interest and put them on YouTube? So much easier all around really.

Burro Hall said...

You could always drive, I suppose, but that looks a lot scarier to me than flying.

But, yeah, this will probably save you a lot of effort.

Dan said...

Thanks, bro. Let's do that again in another two years or so.