Wednesday, July 09, 2008

"El Negrito Va a Ganar"

Mexico's beloved national golliwog, Memín Pinguín, is back in the news today, as Memín comics are being pulled from Wal-Marts in the US in the wake of a customer protest, by which we mean the protest of a customer - specifically a Houston-based Black Panther named Qanell X (who's real name, amusingly, is a perfectly Panther-worthy Abdul Muhammad). We sort of don't know which is more lamentable, Wal-Mart's censorship or its decision to stock such an appallingly racist comic book in the first place. We'll point out, though, that the publishers did themselves no favors by picking this particular moment to repackage the classic "Memín for President" issue for sale in the United States.

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