Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Any Man's Death Diminishes My Disposable Income

This just in:

Car Crushed on Court St. by Cement Bucket

BROOKLYN -- Around 11 a.m. Monday, a bucket of wet cement fell from a scaffolding at 66 Court St. and crushed a Department of Environmental Protection vehicle. The roof was destroyed and the windows were shattered on the Toyota Prius. A pedestrian was taken away in an ambulance with an eye injury sustained from flying debris. The construction workers reportedly fled the scene, according to witnesses at O’Keefe’s bar next door to the site.

The construction workers reportedly fled the scene??

If you're wondering why a bucket of wet cement 2,800 miles away is of interest to an incredibly important international affairs blog such as Burro Hall, it's because the above-mentioned address is also known around here as Burro Hall Norte, and in light of the special maintenance assessment yr. humble corresp. recently ponied up (an amount vastly exceeding the Mexican average per capita income), those fleeing construction workers are technically in our employ.

Not that the death of a city-owned Prius is of any great consequence, but the reason BH Norte is a bit on the pricey side (one of the motivations behind the move to Mexico, by the way) is because a number of earlier heavy-shit-dropped-from-scaffold incidents resulted in the deaths of three people and the subsequent disbursal of some serious dinero payable to "The Estate Of..." This happened years before we moved in, but every month a little bit of our maintenance fee goes to putting some fatherless kids through college.

But one thing living in Mexico has taught us is that when someone breaks the law up north, they run south. (And if there was one thing living in Brooklyn taught us is that, if you're working construction in Brooklyn Heights, you probably have family down here.) We will of course be on the lookout, and have already begun gathering the paperwork to complete the extradition process.

Update: Video here.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't the video of your building make you, at least, a little homesick?


Burro Hall said...

Fuck no! That place is a death-trap.