Sunday, July 13, 2008

Five O'Clock Follies

In the pre-dawn silence, the voices of the faithful, hundreds of them, mingled together in a hymn of praise and devotion, can be haunting, beautiful - indeed, inspirational. Pump that same sound through a hissing, distorted and utterly superfluous loudspeaker, however, and those of us who like to sleep past 4:45AM on the weekends feel inspired to fling animal feces from the rooftop as the procession passes by. (Yr. corresp. may or may not be referring to actual events here, pending the advice of counsel.)

Yes, if it's July, it's time for thousands of apparent insomniacs to show their devotion to a fictional character by walking from the Sierra Gorda to the Virgen of Guadalupe's shrine 200 miles away. This year, Her Virgen-ness seems to be smiling on the pilgrims: according to a headline in yesterday's paper, "There Have Been Few Cases of Diarrhea In The Pilgrimage." This should reduce the need for tractor-trailers full of bathroom products, and the hazards that they pose.

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