Thursday, July 17, 2008

Foto Filler

Last weekend we were showing my brother and sister-in-law around town - something that takes about three hours, all told. (Speaking of telling all, if you're wondering we we haven't written anything about their visit, it's because my brother is known [hilariously, if you'd grown up with him] to legions of Massachusetts high school students as "Mr. Koughan,"and we remember reading something once in the New York Times Sunday Styles section about how kids today all know how to use the Google. So if you're one of them, and have stumbled upon this post via the Google, you should know that Mr. Koughan spent much of his time here sitting in the sun reading Moby Dick [true] and, after first making sure that 37 was above the legal drinking age here, helped himself to a cold Pacifico or two, though always in moderation, because that's what responsible grown-ups do. [Partly true.])

Where were we going with this? Oh yeah, so we were walking around the Cerro de las Campañas, which is probably the most popular spot in the city for wedding photos (because nothing says "Happiest Day of My Life" like the scene of a triple execution) and managed to snap this shot of the bride modeling the latest in Mexican Bridal Platform-Sneakerwear.

"Those are fantastic!" said my sister-in-law. "Yes," I replied. "The perfect filler when I need to throw something up on the blog!"

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Anonymous said...

Now we all know what to buy Cara for Christmas!