Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Fuck tha Police

Here's a nice little video making the rounds on the intertubes, showing police in León (about 2 hours from here) "taking a class on how to torture suspects."

One of the videos shows members of a tactical unit trying out methods on a fellow officer. They appear to squirt water up his nose and dunk his head in a hole said to be full of excrement and rats. The man gasps for air and moans repeatedly.

In another video, an unidentified English-speaking man who appears to be training the group forces one exhausted agent to roll over into his own vomit

Mexico is of course on the verge of receiving $1.4 billion in US aid to fight the War on Drugs. Hard to believe that just seven years ago we would have been about to complain about state-sanctioned torture without appearing hypocritical.

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