Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Great Moments In Jewish Sports History

Here's pretty much all the proof you need that baseball isn't exactly the Hebrew National pastime:

The Brooklyn Cyclones have truly become the Chosen people. At least, that’s what it’ll look like on July 13, when the team becomes the first pro squad in America to don Hebrew uniforms as part of the annual Jewish Heritage Night celebrations....

In Hebrew, the uniforms read, “Tzyklons.” They even have the player’s number rendered in the language of the Torah.

They did, however, keep their regular caps with the big letter B, which meant that Brooklyn's minor league ball team took the field on Jewish Heritage Night wearing uniforms that spelled out "Zyklon B."

And no one in what may be America's most Jewish city seems to have noticed. The paper goes note, however, that:

Ironically, the very next night at Keyspan, the Cyclones will host a “Salute to the Pork Rind.”

'Cuz that's like so inappropriate.

[Saludos to Gary Dovey for the catch, so to speak.]


s said...

This is just proof that the event planner for event was a goy or missed history class the day they covered that topic.....

Anonymous said...

Easy there, S. I know a few "goys" (kinda offensive) who are living "more Jewish" lives than some Jews I know.

Burro Hall said...

Here at Burro Hall, for example, we keep a glatt kosher kitchen. Not easy in a place as treif as this.

But as long as we're trafficking in stereotypes, I'm not so sure we should blame the goyim. I mean, someone had to actually sew those special uniforms together. I seem to recall there were at least a handful of Jews in the schmatte business in Brooklyn.