Sunday, July 27, 2008

Here She Is...Miss Querétaro!

Twenty-one years old, 141 pounds, and - this is the key stat here, as you can see - five feet, eleven-and-a-quarter inches tall - the former Miss Municipalities of San Juan del Rio and Tequisquiapan, Ana Catherina Castrejón y Pérez, was crowned Miss Querétaro 2008 in the wee hours of this morning, in a low-ceilinged function room at the Hotel Misión San Gil. (The crown was delivered by Viviana Fierro, head of the municipal Family Development agency and, we're pretty sure, a former contestant herself.)

We were unable to attend, having important cheesecake-related business of our own to attend to (specifically, a caramel and Macadamia nut confection, the recipe for which we'll be posting at a later date), so we can't explain why the usually tightly-choreographed contest (there are only nine contestants) didn't end until 1:45AM, but presumably there was some dispute over eligibility, since our new Miss Querétaro isn't queretana at all, but was born in Tulcancingo, Hidalgo. We're not entirely sure what the bylaws say, but it's a slippery slope between this and "President Schwarzenegger." We don't want to jump to any conclusions before we have all the facts, but for now we are withholding our endorsement, and reserve the right to support another candidate in next month's Miss Mexico contest. Possibly Miss Hidalgo - though she turns out to be from Sinaloa. (Miss Sinaloa is actually sinaloense, but her victory was marred by controversy - the controversy being, as far as we can make out, that everyone in attendance thought she sucked. We'll just note that she hails from the city of Culiacán, home to the Sinaloa cartel and the current epicenter of the nation's drug-related violence, and if the judges thought it prudent to award her the crown over other, equally-qualified contestants, well - look, the important thing is, we didn't see nuthin', okay?)

Miss "Querétaro" loves painting and swimming, and "has been a jazz instructor," which we take to have a meaning in Spanish other than the John Coltrane sense of the word. Her favorite book - which we are happy to see is not One Hundred Years of Solitude - is a self-help book called Your Erroneous Zones. No word yet on her position vis-a-vis children and animals, their preciousness, and their need for love and protection, but we'll bring you any news as it breaks. And bikini pictures, of course

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