Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I Want My War For Oil!

Remember five years ago when great global visionaries like Rupert Murdoch were telling us what a great idea the Iraq War was because we'd all be ass-deep in $20-a-barrel oil? That didn't work out so well, did it? When we first got to Mexico, I couldn't believe that gas cost an overpriced $2.45 a gallon here. Two years later, I can't help but rub everyone's nose in the fact that we're currently paying a bargain-basement $2.45 a gallon here.

Jet fuel is another story, though, and thanks to the rising cost of it, Delta Airlines will be canceling it's Atlanta-Queretaro route as of August 18. The downside of this is that Continental will be free to engage in monopoly pricing again, and the days of $400 flights to NYC are numbered: 49, to be exact. We here at the Burro Hall Council on Foreign Relations would like to humbly suggest that, rather than invading oil-poor Iran, Cheney & Co. should turn their attention toward Saudi Arabia in these waning months of the Administration.

Update: Actually, avoiding Atlanta Airport might not be such a bad idea.


sunnyjim said...

But how do we spin it? How can we possibly tie Saudi Arabia to 9/11? Besides 15 of the 19 hijackers, I mean.

Burro Hall said...

Three words: Barack... Hussein... Obama.

Any questions?

Paranoid MexFiles guy said...

Shhhh... Mexico has a lot of oil and a crappy army. It'd be easy enough to spin "drug dealers" as "terrorists" -- during the 2006 Presidential elections, the Southern Command was equating "left wing populism" with terrorism... and I'd imaging they haven't shelved their planning books yet.

Burro Hall said...

Yeah, sure, but if the US were to annex Mexico, QRO-NYC would become a domestic flight, and I'd need a lot fewer air miles for a free ticket.