Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Is Our Childrens Learning?

Once a week, the local paper publishes a page called Sinergia, which is produced by students at Tec de Monterrey University. It's sorta like Kidsday, only written by some of the smartest college students in the country. This week's edition has a story about last Friday's "447th Anniversary" of the founding of Querétaro, which the article accurately notes occurred in 1531. "Tec" stands for "Tecnológico," meaning this is literally the MIT of Mexico, so the future of this country is very bright indeed. Particularly if you're a disaster worker with a specialty in bridge-collapse body recovery.

Speaking of anniversary-related engineering bungles, the city had really really hoped to celebrate its anniversary by unveiling the Dancing Fountains of Querétaro - the construction of which began several months ago with a budget of $1.2 million dollars. Somehow, though, the city screwed up and hired Mexican laborers to do the work, so now, with the anniversary four days past, the fountains still look more or less like this. Kinda makes us wonder what they could have done with that $1.2 mil. Just one suggestion off the tops of our heads, they could have put 100,000 padlocks on the poison gas storage shed. (Five of the tanks are still at large, by the way, which means we plan to skip the fountains' inaugural ceremonies - whenever they are.)

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