Friday, July 18, 2008

The Kids Are Alright

Congratulations, Querétaro, for taking top honors in "percentage of students who have tried illegal drugs"! This is not especially surprising since, from what we've seen, Querétaro is full of the kind of spoiled rich kids who can actually afford to buy drugs without first sticking up a liquor store. State education officials claim not to be concerned, however, since - somewhat surprisingly, if you ask us - Mexico is a place where you can be the druggiest state in the Union if a mere 18 percent of your kids have tried drugs. Nerds.

One thing school officials are worried about is the growing number of schoolyard fights that are being filmed and uploaded to YouTube. Here's the first one to pop up in a search for "queretaro pelea." (Catfight fans can enjoy Keren v Monica here.) Of all the things I wish we had back when I was school - cellphones, iPods, etc - I'm so glad we didn't have YouTube, as I was pretty much the Washington Generals of the schoolyard fight circuit.

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