Friday, July 04, 2008

Likes a Virgen

Hurricane McCain blew in and out of town this week, throwing down some lenguage directo on immigration, none of which was apparently intelligible over the sound of driving rain pounding the building where he was speaking. The Senator and his younger beer-heiress wife were met by US Ambassador Tony "Fat Tony" Garza and his even younger beer heiress wife for a tour of the Basilica de Guadalupe. They were of course protected by the always-reliable Mexican police. Or perhaps from them.

In a sign of the tight security in the high-crime Ixtapalapa neighborhood, which Mr. McCain visited, police officers working the perimeters were not told whom they were protecting.

“There have been various attacks against officials,” explained Jorge Alberto Hernandez Perez, a traffic police officer outside the federal police station that Mr. McCain visited. “That’s why they don’t announce it.” He thought it was a Mexican government official who was arriving, not an American senator running for president.

Of course, the details of McCain's visit were published in the paper almost a week ago, but who has time to read these days?

Because the mixing of Church and State is hardly taboo here, the candidate received a lengthy blessing from the basilica's startlingly progressive monsignor.

For several minutes, the monsignor had one hand on Mr. McCain’s forehead and another on his shoulder as he offered the blessing.

Later, Monsignor Monroy told Mexican reporters that he was certainly not picking sides.

“I receive everyone, any color, any ideology,” he said. “This is the home of God.”

So there you have it. Msgr. Monroy would absolutely never turn Barack Obama away just because he's black.

Great quote in El Universal. A few little brown ones who had arrived early for Mass asked, "who the heck is that?" and were told it was McCain.

“¡Ahh!, es verdad, pero ni la Virgen lo ayudará, va a ganar el negrito”, comentaban.

"Why yes it is. But not even the Virgen will help him - the little black one is going to win."

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