Monday, July 21, 2008

Looking for Amanda Huggenkiss

A couple months ago we were whining about our fruitless attempts to call 066 (Querétaro's 911) and have a gang of late night/early morning partiers shot to death. We came to the conclusion that 066 was a joke. This turns out to be almost literally true, as the Municipal Public Security office reported over the weekend that, of the roughly 1,000 calls made to 066 every week, fully 90 percent turn out to be pranks, "regardless whether the callers are children or adults." That number was of course offered without comment or context - could it be possible that this represents a decline in the number of prank 066 calls? Is this out of line with the rest of Mexico? What does it say about this city that every week, 900 of its citizens sit down and try to punk an emergency operator?

Reading between the lines, one thing did make sense to us - the fact that, in a city of nearly a million, only 100 people with legitimate emergencies think calling 066 is actually worth the effort. We're guess fully 90 percent of them were disappointed.


Charles said...

If you read between a few more lines, I wonder if you'd discover that this 90% number is completely bogus. Just the Bureaucracy's way of covering its impotent ass.... sort of like their only reason for being is justify their own existence.

MexFilees said...

What are the prank call numbers for 060 and 080 (Red Cross and Fire Department)? Everybody like Red Cross and los Bomberos... and hates the cops. In Mexico City, when they broke out the emergency lines for criminal and civil matters, one politico quipped they should have a special number for dial-a-joke.