Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oh Noes!! Book Learnin'!!

In my mailbox, from the batshit crazies at White Americans for a Whiter America:

Barrack [sic] Obama has stepped on a political land mine by stating Americans should be forced to learn to speak Spanish....

"Americans are sick and tired of pressing 1 for English and being forced to pay for this liberal corporate social engineering experiment," says William Gheen of ALIPAC. "Immigrants should ingratiate themselves and speak English because English is the language of the United States. The English language and the fact all Americans have shared a native tongue is an essential part of the equation that has made America such a successful nation. Obama is completely out of touch on immigration issues just like McCain."

You gotta wonder if these boys are deliberately missing the point, is if they just don't talk English real good. As you can see from the video (thanks for the link, batshit crazies!) 'bama agrees 100% that immigrants should learn English, but also thinks it might be a good idea for American kids to learn another language as well.

Bill Gheen (a foreign-sounding name if ever I've heard one) seems to believe that President Obama would begin rounding up white children and herding them into Spanish-language education camps. Needless to say, had this idea occurred to, say, President Nixon, I might not sound like Borat today.

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fledermaus said...

I still can't quite figure out why other languages on our soil wind us gringos up so tight. In all my travels to places I don't speak the local language I don't recall being met with the same attitude that I see right here at home. My own mother of course insists that our ancestors dropped German as soon as they set foot on 'Mercan soil in 1848 but neglects to explain her confirmation and baptismal certificates in that language....she's not that old....

Maybe rounding up some white kids for mandatory Spanish isn't such a bad idea....better yet, teach them Engish. There is a photo of a language protest placard saying "Make English America's Offical(sic) Language."