Thursday, July 03, 2008


It's not often that we have a reason to praise the Colombian Army, so can we just take a minute here to acknowledge how completely, insanely, unbelievably fucking awesome that hostage rescue was?

The agents gained the rebels' trust and rose to the top of FARC's leadership council as well as a team assigned to guard the hostages.

When the time was ripe, the moles used the authority they'd gained within the group to order the 15 hostages moved from three separate locations to one central area, and the game was on.

Little did the rebels know that the military was about to pull off a bait-and-switch that would leave them standing in a jungle clearing, not realizing they'd just been hustled out of their most valuable assets.

Yeah, bitches!


Julie said...

Awesome doesn't even begin to describe it -- I can't get enough of this story!! Rambo couldn't have done better!

Burro Hall said...

Seriously. If it were a movie, I'd have said no guerrillas could be that dumb.

Julie said...

...and yet, thankfully, they are!

Cynical MexFiles guy said...

I can't believe anyone in the media, or who has ever worked in news, is buying the Colombian government's story. Given their last "success" (discovering the "magic laptops" that somehow tied Hugo Chavez, Barack Obama and FARC into some gigantic terrorist plot) was -- shall we say -- full of "non-operational statements," I wouldn't put much stock into anything they say.

And, given that there are already reports in Latin American and European presses on Israeli, U.S. and Swiss involvement (not to mention bribery, and the non-reporting on the two European Union negotiators who arrived last week) the whole thing smells wrong.

Burro Hall said...

You think they're still captive?

Maddog of the Liberal Media said...

Uh.. no. They were ransomed -- at least according to Swiss and French radio news reports. At any rate, I really have my doubts the the de-hostaging went down like the Colombians (and the gullible AP reports) claim.

I'm still wondering why those three Americans, identified as "Northrup Grummen employees" were held for five years. American businesses normally pay ransom and write it off as a business expense. Then again, some reports call them Dyncorp employees (i.e., mercenaries)

Burro Hall said...

It's weird that no one thought of the "let's pay some ransom" plan before now, but if the French say something, it's gotta be true.