Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Querétaro Babylon

Seems like just a few months ago we were lamenting Querétaro's status as a third-rate whistle stop for has-been American entertainers. If you can't get booked on the fairground circuit or Celebrity Big Brother, chances are you'll be playing Estadio Corregidora. But today comes the news - front-page news at that - that an American celeb at the top of their game (or at least working regularly) will finally be arriving in Querétaro: a XXX-rated "actress" called - though we believe this might be a stage name - Courtney Cummz. (And a tip o' the sombrero to the headline writer who came up with the bilingual triple-entendre "Viene Actriz Porno" - "Porn Actress Comes." Probably unintentional, but still, props must be given: Well played, Sir!) Ms. C. will be signing autographs on the outskirts of town this coming Saturday, for reasons that are in no way clear to us. (No, seriously, WTF?) But according to one local historian/sex-shop owner, "this is the first time in our state" that a star of the genre has come to sign autographs, which is something we'll archive under "Dubiously Sourced Yet Entirely Plausible Factoids About Querétaro."

We think it's extremely unlikely that our editor is going to allow us to cover this history-making event in person, but we'll bring you coverage of the coverage, which is probably going to be much funnier anyway.

Update: Looks like Querétaro may languish a bit longer on the list of pornstar- autographless states, as Ms. C. has announced, without explanation, that she won't be coming after all.

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....Jenna Jameson must have been booked....