Monday, July 28, 2008

Roger That

It seems that the vast majority of today's traffic is comprised of people searching for "Miss Querétaro" - odd, since she's actually called "Nuestra Belleza Querétaro," which means that dozens of gringos are suddenly interested in the results. Anyway, as promised, via Rotativo...your aspiring Miss Querétaros, all of whom life 450 miles from the nearest beach, don identical bikinis to pose the musical question, ¿Te gustaría dormir conmigo, esta noche?

More here. We'll bring you video of the interview portion as soon as it's posted.


Chris P said...

Your move to Mexico is starting to make more sense now.

Burro Hall said...

Not that there's anything wrong with your home state, amigo. Miss Middlesex County, in particular, is running on a platform of "Dancing to Dignity," about which we'd like to know more.

Chris P said...

I am a little more partial towards Miss. Western Mass whose platform is "Promoting the Importance of Oral Health."