Sunday, July 13, 2008

Where Everybody Knows Your Name, And Not Much Else

The local paper has a travel article today about Boston (no link, despite what we said a month ago about them having finally gotten online. Not really.) It's laden with enough generalities - the lobsters are delicious! - to make clear that the author never actually went there, but still we learn that Boston is famous for Harvard (which is in Cambridge), M.I.T. (ditto), The Crucible (which is set in Salem - and also, WTF??) and the bar Cheers, "where the hit tv series of the same name was filmed, and where they make, say Bostonians, the best hamburgers and bloody marys in the city."

Incidentally, our quest to make Swampscott and Querétaro sister cities is pretty much dead in the water - it seems one of the requirements for being a sister city is that you have to first be a city. But it occurs to us that Querétaro, a university town steeped in revolutionary history, home to a growing industrial and technology corridor, corrupt politicians and only the thinnest of walls between (Catholic) church and state, and which suffers a massive inferiority complex about a much bigger city a few hours away might be a perfect fit for a certain American city known for its delicious lobsters.


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