Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Cure for Olympic Fever

This will be our first Olympics where we are not subject to the constant bombardment of jingoistic cheerleading for the national team. Of course, the US somewhat justifies its America-centric coverage by taking home a boatload of hardware. But in Mexico, which has won just 51 medals since 1904 - 47 of them not gold - the attitude is more like, "Hey, there'll be something different on TV this month." You might even see there's sort of an Olympic Anti-Fever here. Just one example: Reforma ran this helpful chart over the weekend, laying out the sheer Olympic-level suckitude of the Mexican track team. Under the heading "Too Far Behind," we see that the women's 4x400 relay team (see arrows) have a best time 14.77 seconds off the world record. Marathoner Patricia Retiz, best time 15:04 off the world mark, etc. Barring any sort of a Munich '72 hostage situation, this is probably the only time you'll see any of these athletes names in print.


Anonymous said...


Some very funny stuff, your comments put a smile on my face. Have you named your cats yet?

Burro Hall said...

Yes, but to reveal the names here would make them targets of kidnappers.